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Construction Begins on Glencastle NS

We're thrilled to share the fantastic news that construction has officially commenced on the Special Needs extension.

📸🎥 See the Progress: Dive into the action and witness the beginning of this transformative journey in the attached photos and videos by Ryan Gallagher.

🏠 A Glimpse of the Future: The foundation has been laid for the new classrooms, Multi-purpose/Games room, and other exciting facilities that will shape the future of Glencastle NS.

👷‍♂️ Our Gratitude: A heartfelt thank you to everyone who has played a role in reaching this milestone - your support has been instrumental.

🌟 Stay Connected: As the construction unfolds, we invite you to stay tuned here for regular updates on this remarkable project.

Stage 1

📸 See the Transformation: Check out photos from August 17th, capturing the start of our Special Needs extension journey. 

🚜 Milestone Moment: Witness the groundwork—soil removed, filled with stone—a crucial step towards our modern learning space.

Stage 2 Unveiled! 🏗️

We're thrilled to share the latest milestone in our school extension project! On November 29th, Stage 2 saw the installation of the precast concrete base and blocks into the foundation, all orchestrated with the precision of a crane.

🏗️ Stage 2 Highlights: Explore our photos and video capturing the dynamic process of laying the foundation's concrete base and blocks. Witness the project taking shape before our eyes!

Stage 3 - Block work Nearly Complete! 🧱🚧

We're excited to share another milestone in our journey towards the completion of the Special Needs extension! As of the 23rd of February, the block work is nearly finished, marking significant progress in our construction efforts.

🧱 Stage 3 Highlights: Take a peek at the latest photos below showcasing the nearing completion of the extensions block work. Each block laid brings us closer to our vision for a modern learning space.

🏗️ Next Steps: Get ready for the arrival of hollow-core slabs next week! Once installed, the builders can swiftly move towards sealing the extension with windows, bringing us closer to the next stage.

👏 Team Appreciation: A huge round of applause to our dedicated team for their tireless efforts in bringing this project to fruition. Their hard work and commitment are truly commendable.

🔄 Stay Informed: Keep an eye out for further updates as we move ahead with determination and enthusiasm. Together, we're building a brighter future for Glencastle NS!