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Your Rights as a Data Subject



  1. Right to have your data processed in accordance with the Data Protection Acts

to have your personal information obtained and processed fairly, kept securely and not unlawfully disclosed to others


2. Right to be informed

to know the identity of the data controller and the purpose for obtaining your personal information


3. Right of access

to get a copy of your personal information


4. Right of rectification or erasure

to have your personal information corrected or deleted if inaccurate


5. Right to block certain uses

to prevent your personal information being used for certain purposes


6. Right to have your name removed from a direct marketing list

to stop unwanted mail


7. Right to object

to stop some specific uses of your personal information


8. Employment rights

not to be forced into accessing personal information for a prospective employer


9. Freedom from automated decision making

to have a human input in the making of important decisions relating to you


10. Rights under Data Protection and Privacy in Telecommunications Regulations

to prevent your phone directory entry details from being used for direct marketing purposes

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