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Special Classes Gallery


We love mixing, smelling, tasting, sprinkling and baking.

Music 2019

We had a great time exploring instruments and singing songs with Katie.  Our favourite is always 'the wheels on the bus'.

Special Class 2019 - 2020

These are the first photographs from the Special Class for 2019 - 2020.

We went to visit Brigid's shop next door to school to buy ingredients for Cookery.  Were we making Pizza this week. We liked exploring in the garden.

Our Autumn Walk 2019

We went to smell the herbs and collect autumn leaves for our art lesson on printing and colour.  This was our first time all going out together to explore our school garden this year.  We brought in our wellies and hats to jump in puddles and keep us warm.


Halloween 2019 in the Special Class

Learning vocabulary in the Special Class

We were exploring what was in Lisa's shopping basket.  We found out about the colours of fruit and vegetables.  We sorted all the foods into colour groups

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