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Ballycroy National Park

How lucky are we to have such an amazing facility on our doorstep. We had an amazing day exploring the bog lands, ponds, and some of our many native Irish Animals. We had the pleasure of learning about some very interesting animals, such as Pinemartins, Badgers, Pygmy Shrew's- (Ireland's smallest mammal) and we even got to see one of these in the flesh. We explored many other interesting mammal remains. We fished in the pond and got to see tadpoles and other insects and plants such as sphagnum moss.

We came across a fascinating plant in the bog on our adventures called the butterwort. It leaves excrete a sticky fluid that tempts unsuspecting insects to land and become it's prey- how clever! We finished off our day by exploring some of the history of our local area and further a field in the state of the art museum.

A big thank you to our very informative guides who were a wealth of knowledge. More pictures to follow, here is a glimpse into Ms Coyle's and Ms Sweeney's classroom's day exploring. Enjoy!

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